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Do you have a bad credit history?

Our Bad Credit Loan is designed for you.
A Bad Credit Loan from us can help improve your credit profile, making it easier for you to get a loan from a bank or other financial institutions.

We’re Here For You

We’ll help you find solutions to your financial needs. We help people with bad credit ratings like you secure loans, every day!


We protect your information with military grade data encryption technology.

Whenever, However

Ask for a loan any time, during the day or at night. Get your preferred loan package, and re-evaluate your offers before you finally consent to it. No charges, no prior commitments.

Now Is The Time

We’ll assist you to access the money you need to help settle those bills that are due, repair your car, or solve whatever financial problems that’s making you worry —now.

What does a bad credit history mean?

Simply put, this implies that you have previously defaulted on past loans. Falling short of a loan implies that a pending settlement remained unpaid for over 60 days. A poor credit history can mean any of these:

  • Settled default
  • Unsettled default
  • Current or Previous Bankruptcy.

A credit profile that is already bad can get worse if it receives too many inquiries from lenders. Most big banks usually apply strict limitations on the number and rate of inquiries that a credit profile can receive.
Everyone should get a second chance, even you. A minor default on your credit should not ruin it entirely. Our bad credit loan services are suitable for everyone, whether you have excellent credit, bad credit or no credit at all. Our loan packages are designed to offer our clients the most suitable personal loans and at the most competitive rates. They are also flexible and you can request any loan amount based on your needs. Using our safe and secure online application platform, those with bad credit history can get their requests for a personal loan approved very quickly.
So, what does the process of getting a bad credit loan look like? Typically, your first line of response would be to reach out to your local bank and apply. Whenever the times look tough, most banks refuse to give out loans as they normally would, worse still if you have bad credit. People sometimes find themselves in difficult situations and might require financial help to overcome those challenges. A lot of people don’t know about the existence of credit facilities for those with a bad credit history. Yet, these loans are readily available and accessible. Its advantages are numerous, and you can also use this type of personal loans to solve almost all of your financial needs.

Does this sound like you?

You’re recently out of a job

Your home has been foreclosed by the bank

You’ve previously declared bankrupcy

You’ve been going through some other forms of financial crisis.

Well, if any of the above applies to you then you know that your ability to receive a loan is hampered. We know how difficult situations like this can be but we’ll help you out.
We Are here to Help You Out

It is not easy to prepare for situations you cannot foresee, particularly when funds are tight. Sometimes, your finances may be so bad that you won’t be able to afford paying all your bills, this results in delayed payments and will automatically affect your credit score. Most people have either had to deal with employment issues or other personal issues that affect their capacity to meet up with all financial obligations at a particular time. As time goes by, these unpaid debts pile up and tend to hamper your ability to get the loans that can help you get along.
This does not have to be the case. Finance District is one of the nation’s foremost bad credit loan providers and we are working hard to retain that prestigious position. Our aim is to help connect our customers with fast and easy loans to help them solve their financial problems.

Finance District provides its customers a free online application for different types of financial products and this is not restricted to only those whose credit profiles are good. The form is very easy to fill and doesn’t require much additional information. It’s as easy as just filling out the application form and clicking the submit button and automatically, your application starts being processed instantly via our network of lenders. This makes for a swifter review and faster approval turnaround time.
Approval turnaround time is the time it takes from the point you submit your application to the point you get approved by a lender and receive deposits into your account. This may be hard to believe, but there some customers have discovered that it is quite possible to apply for a loan and receive payment all within the same day. This is the kind of top notch customer service that one would expect from the traditional finance industry, but never gets since most times our need for money is dire and time bound. Once your personal loan application has been received, reviewed, approved, and the money transferred; whatever you choose to do with the money will be at your own discretion. You can use it to settle outstanding bills, go for a vacation, repair your car, refurbish your home, etc. You can do whatever you want with it.

If you have a bad credit history, then I’m sure you must be finding it difficult to get the financing that you need. Most banks would not want to approve your personal loan applications since they perceive you to be a high risk client. However, we have loan options available that are made specifically for those with a bad poor credit history. So how do you access them? Your first call should be Finance District.

Get a loan

Why choose us?
Better than traditional banks.
Bad credit OK!.
Stand a chance of improving your credit profile by applying for a loan with us.


Start anytime you want! Our system will safely and securely connect you to one of our personal loan lenders. Our website is encrypted with 128 bit SSL so that your information is extra secure.

Visit our privacy policy and terms of service section to know more about our security standards.


Looking through your application and based on willing lender’s requirements, we will pair you with the most suitable lenders in a matter of seconds.


It is possible for you to receive your funds on the same day you apply. Most lenders within our network will transfer the money directly into your bank account.

Get the cash you need, when you need it!

A bill may have gone unpaid and unnoticed for too long or your car could break down, financial emergencies strike without any warning! We can spend hours dwelling on the possibilities it won’t fix anything.

At Finance District, we only care about providing you with a solution. We know that you can’t just “Wish away? these financial emergencies, or else they get worse through additional penalties and late fees. Acting quickly helps you take charge and remain informed. Getting the cash you need, when you need it can help save you a lot of worrying.

Regrettably, many lenders refuse to give loans to those who are experiencing hard times, but at Finance District, this is the only reason why we are in business, we link you up with lenders that are willing to help. It can be quite easy to let your finances overburden you. Finance District provides a solution by linking you up those lenders who will help you get out of your financial storms and set you back on the right path as quickly as possible.

Quick and Easy Loan Requests

Because application is totally online, getting a loan has become easier than ever. You only need to fill out our easy online application form and wait for a few minutes to have your loan requests approved by any of our lenders. You also get to receive your funds directly into your bank accounts, all in one day.

You don’t have to wait to receive checks in your mail and our lenders are always willing to assist you, irrespective of your credit profile.
Nothing is hidden
Our lenders loan offers come with all the information you are expected to have. All our lenders adhere strictly to the right lending practices, meaning that all the documentation that relates to your loan will be made available to you ahead of time. You’ll be told all the associated interest rates, likely fees, and any other your loan detail, enabling you to make informed borrowing decisions without any undue pressure.

Easy to Qualify

The process for approving bad credit loans is quite simple. We only expect that you are an adult (18 years or above) and that you’re a legal citizen. You’ll also avail us some other basic information to facilitate the loan application process, like; a working email address, phone number and details of bank account where you’d want the money paid into. It’s that simple.
With a simple loan request form, fast approval procedure and an equally swift payment delivery system; getting a bad credit loan has become quite easy.
You Don’t Need To Worry About Providing Security!
You no longer need to provide any form of collateral when filling out a loan request with us. No need to provide your car title or any other type of security. You get to keep all of your properties and also receive the loan you need. Our specialty is Bad Credit Loans that avail you the cash you need for any purpose.

How it works

Fill and Submit Your Application Via Our Secure Online Platform
Fill out the information required and we will match you with the most suitable loan offers out there.

Get Your Loan Approved

Once you are paired with a lender, you’ll be redirected to the lender’s website to review and accept their offer.

Get Your Funds

Once you’ve accepted the loan offer, the money will be transferred into your account in six hours or less!

Still got questions? We’ve got Answers!

What will it cost me to apply?

Absolutely nothing, it’s free. You don’t need to pay any money to apply for a loan with us.

How soon can I get approved?

Once you apply, you will receive feedback in a few minutes and once your loan is approved, you receive payments directly into your account in six hours or less!

What’s the rate of interest on the loan and what is the tenor of the loan?

This actually varies, based on the lender. As soon as you are approved and paired with a lender, you’ll be redirected to the lender’s website where you’ll be able to review the lender’s terms and repayment options.

How will I learn about my approval?

Once you submit your application, we will try to link you up with a lender in our network. After which, you’ll be redirected to an electronic signature page where you’ll be asked to conclude the process.

Can I qualify for more than one loan at once?

No way, once you have a loan running, you won’t qualify for another loan unless you have paid off the earlier loan. If you already have an existing loan, you may not qualify for another one until your existing loan is paid.

What if I’m currently bankrupt, can I still get a loan?

Most likely not. Once you are currently bankrupt, it’s very less likely that you will qualify to get a loan.

Will the lender be able to take money from my account without my consent?

No way, Never. Nobody will be able to draw down from your bank account without your consent.

Can I get a loan approved to help pay for child support?

Definitely. You can use your funds to do anything you want with it. Having to use it for child support won’t affect your loan approval.