Searching for an alternative to traditional payday loans online? You are in luck! Finance district will link you up with quick installment loans directly from loan providers who offer online cash without any background check on your credit status and your loan application is sure to get approved in one day.

Personal Loan NZ

Borrowers welcome, anytime!

When you need money, there’s a good chance you don’t want to have to wait weeks to get approved. You also don’t want to fill out tons of paperwork, answer many questions about your finances and have your income and credit history thoroughly examined. There’s a better way. A way that doesn’t require all that paperwork and credit check.
Finance district offers a much better, simpler and less intruding way to go about getting the loan you require. Apply now to get a personal loan without having your credit history checked. You end up getting the money you desire and enough time to repay the loan. This is a revolutionary shift in the world of loan provision.

Personal Loans that suit you perfectly

Get personal loans that are specifically built to provide you the cash you need, when you need it. Plus, the application process is quite simple. You just need to provide us some information about your income, it’s that easy! Personal loans also afford you a repayment period of up to 18 months, meaning that you won’t have to part with large chunks of your monthly income to repay the loan.

Bad Credit OK!

Getting a loan when your credit history is poor can be extremely difficult. Most traditional lending institutions expect you to have a good credit score and require you to provide lots of documentation before getting a loan. As far as online cash loans go, Finance District provides you with the ideal solution.
While you may need to provide some details about your credit score, our inquiries will not have any impact on your credit ratings. Our online loans are fast and simple. You don’t have to wait for days to get the funds you need, hence the reason our application procedures are simplified and straightforward.

Benefits of Bad Credit Personal loans

Our loans are specifically created for loan seekers whose credit ratings are poor and are finding it difficult to access the usual traditional loans from banks. Our loans don’t require us to check your credit history because it doesn’t depend on it; we only look at your current situation and what you’re presently earning so we can ascertain your capacity to repay the loan on schedule.

Why Bad Credit Personal Loan From Finance District? Credit Check

Tired of hearing the word “No” every time you need a loan? You should think about opting for one of our online personal loans. This loan provides you the exact amount you intend to borrow and with the amount of time you need to need to repay it, without any background check on your credit status. We’ll help you fully recover financially because that’s what we do.

Receive Loans without having your credit history checked

Are you in need of some quick cash to maybe use to settle a bill, fix your car, or get some items for the house? Most traditional banks insist on doing a check on your credit history thereby making sure that people with poor credit ratings don’t get the money they need. To get your loan approved, you need to have a credit score above certain level and may also need to provide security for the loan. Most people who don’t meet this minimum required credit score and don’t have the assets to use as security for a loan may be wondering where to turn. If you find yourself in this situation, you may probably think that’s the end of the road for you. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, Get a Personal Loan today.

Simplified Personal Loans. All Types of Credit, All Online

Credit standards for loans from conventional banks are becoming stricter and more loan applications are not being approved. However, the presence of online personal loan lenders are growing in number and are beginning to fill the gap created by the traditional lending institutions.

We offer different types of loans, big or small to different individuals. Be it a small personal loan to sort out minor financial obligations, or a bigger loan to help take care of significant expenditures. We do our best to make sure you get the money you need, and fast too.

Our unsecured personal loans are made available to you for whatever reason you state and your credit ratings will not have any impact on its approval. Whether you have a good or bad credit or maybe you don’t even have any previous credit at all, your loan application will still be approved.
We have the highest no credit check loan approval rates in the industry, which means that your chances of getting your loan application approved is very high with repayment options that are very affordable.

Apply Today – and we promise you won’t regret it.

Bad Credit Personal Loans

Customers whose credit ratings are very poor or those without any credit at all can still be approved for bad credit personal loans. This is almost like you’re obtaining those little online personal loans. Application is usually very easy and you also get approved very quickly. In a matter of minutes, you get to find out the amount of money you can borrow. Apply Today to find out how much you qualify for.
People with poor credit ratings have discovered that their loans are usually more expensive than for those without a bad credit. However, bad credit personal loans can eventually help borrowers save some money.
Fees for Bank overdraft fees usually cost more since there are separate fees charged for every transaction — and these charges only keep getting higher.
Bad Credit Personal loans can make all the difference in someone’s life. It can save you from eviction, keep your vehicle up and running, prevent your power from being cut off or help you cover those emergency medical bills.
Whenever you are trying to use small personal loans to prevent you from paying penalties and late fees, look at the numbers for both and ensure that the fees on the loan are lower than the penalties and charges you’re trying to avoid.

Military Grade Safety

Irrespective of how you choose to get the funding you require, your personal details are always safe with us. Any information that you have provided will never be misapplied and we are also PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council) regulations compliant.
Very Fast Bad credit loans.

Applications are usually very fast. The process is a lot easier than applying for a traditional bank loan. All that is really expected of you is to provide some basic personal information, evidence of your annual income, state of residence, and a few more items.
You should also be aware that until you and your lender come to terms with the loan conditions, you are under no obligation whatsoever to accept the loan. You can choose to walk away any time before the funds are provided.
You won’t have to pay any upfront fees; no fees at all until your first scheduled date of installment payment.

Start living your life now

Finance District makes available Personal loans for just about anything. From buying that brand new flat-screen TV to watch your favorite football games, to enjoying that holiday trip you’ve always desired or hosting that family get together that you’ve always longed for, we’re here to help! Most times you even get your loan requests approved and funded in one single day.
Just fill out one application form and different finance companies will get to evaluate it, so we do all the hard work for you. Once we have received feedback from any of those finance companies, we’ll then guide you through its terms and conditions and the funds will be transferred to you as soon as possible.
Despite your poor credit ratings, we are still able to provide you the funds you need, no collateral need. We know that things can sometimes get rough and defaulting on loans could sometimes be inevitable. We’ll provide you with the right amount to get you back on track.


Having an excellent credit score is not a pre-requisite for you to obtain a bad credit loan. Even if you have a bad credit, you still get to be approved for a loan; however, there is a limited maximum loan amount that can provided.


  • Minimum age of 18 years.
  • Provide your Social Security number, or legal residency to prove your citizenship.
  • Earn some form of steady income, maybe from self-employment, full-time jobs or Social Security benefits.
  • Own a checking account.
  • Provide telephone numbers, work and home.
  • Provide a working email address.

Loan Process:

We connect loan seekers with different loan providers who are on our network. Once successful, your details are verified and your funds deposited in your account.
Lenders will respond to a loan application with an offer based on the details you provide. You should ensure that you critically review the terms as you are under no compulsion to accept the offer unless it’s right for you!

Once you have agreed to the terms of the loan, all you have to do is to append your e-signature as a sign of your acceptance. (Don’t forget that it is only when you’re okay with the terms of the loan that you should accept it)
The minute your signature is on the contract, funds are disbursed to your bank account through a direct transfer. Funds are provided within six hours of approval, give or take a few hours.

Loan Repayment:

You are provided with a repayment plan that enables you off-set the loan in installments over time instead of paying off all at once.
That’s actually all there is to it! You don’t have to bring along any collateral or an excellent credit history. Your regular inflow of income into your bank account is the only requirement that is needed.
Note: Finance District does not provide the loan facilities; we only link up loan seekers with our network or Bad Credit loan providers.

Why Finance District?

A Bad credit history or a nil credit history can make borrowing from conventional sources very difficult. You may not be able to obtain a credit card or purchase a car on credit unless he or she has a credit score that is above the minimum requirement. This makes sorting out financial emergencies very difficult.
Also, we do not deal with rollovers. A rollover simply involves the borrower taking out a new loan so as to offset a new one which gets him stuck into an endless loop of taking and repaying debts until he is no longer able to take out to repay his debts.

We are different

Our number one aim is to assist our clients

Interest rates for short term loans are usually higher than the normal and payday loans come with the highest interest rates. Since we work with many direct lenders, we’ll give you access to much lower rates at no hidden charges. You get to know the cost of the upfront so there are no surprises at the end of your repayment period.
We also provide our customers with customized information charts about your loan details. Log into your personal account anytime and get details about your loan balance and most recent transactions. This way you get to exercise more control over the loan and can also get answers to critical questions on your mind either by sending us a mail or calling our telephone line; we are always available.

Our quick and simple application process coupled with the immediate feedback you receive on the status of your application make us your preferred choice.