Want to Get out of Debt? Here Are Creative Ways to Earn Cash

Creative Ways to Earn Cash

Getting out of debt is never easy. It takes discipline and time to align your finances. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the process! Here are some creative ways you can earn extra cash.

1. Garage Sale

Your house is filled with tiny treasures you probably don’t need or use anymore. You can take advantage of these toys, furniture, housewares and old clothes for the garage sale. If you also have a more valuable item that should be carefully delivered, you can consider selling it on eBay or Amazon.

Hosting a garage sale does not only allow you for more free space in your house, it also increases your chances for lowering down that debt.

2. Hire Yourself

You may be outsourcing some tasks at home, like gardening, pool cleaning and more. It’s time to dish that extra work out and pay yourself doing them. This way, your payment to you can be added to the fund for paying your loans.

Debt management

This may be an added chore on your end, but if you really want to clear out that loan, this can be counted as a diligent sacrifice.

3. Make your hobbies profitable

You may be a finance officer in your company, but you have that welding talent hidden there. Use your other hobbies to fuel up additional income. There are creative platforms like Etsy that allows you to tap into the global market to share your art. There are also design opportunities that you can create via BeHappy.me where your posters are sold.

To make this even more effective, create a Facebook and Instagram page for your creative work. This way, your followers can track all of your new arts.

4. Dine In

It has been found out that eating out has been one of the major key drivers of spending. Who wouldn’t want to eat out and get that take out in Chipotle when you’re going home, tired from work? But, this can also be one sacrifice you have to make.

Actually, this will not feel as a sacrifice. Scientist and author Michael Pollan has advocated for cooking in for years. He said that this is one aspect of our modern daily routine that has been eliminated.

Home cooking can save you a lot of extra cash

We’re so used to take outs, pizza orders and microwavable dishes that we think cooking at home is a chore. However, Pollan points out that cooking is actually quite relaxing and healing at the same time. Pollan added that cooking doesn’t need to be extremely tedious. There are easy-to-cook meals that can be served within 30 minutes or so.

So, dining in might take practice, but it has multiple benefits aside from just saving in.

5. Look for part-time jobs

This may be the traditional way to go, but there are other options now than adding 4 hours every weekend. You can also look for surveys that pay you to share your opinion. There are other platforms that also host community panels to test out their products.

6. Save your change

If you have a change jar, then you’re halfway there. Most of the time, we ignore the coins in our wallets, especially the pennies and leave them be. However, if you collect them over time, you can be surprised in as to how much they can add to your debt payment fund.

Saving your change also allows you to consciously take aside extra money and not put it for spending miscellaneous items your probably don’t need.


Paying a loan can be a hassle, but with a few tweaks on your lifestyle and an additional effort to make extra cash to your debt fund, you can be out of debt in no time.

Make the process enjoyable and simple. The less you stress out about it, the more successful your efforts can be!