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Debt can be like a messy pet left to his devices, left unchecked, it’s sure to make a mess of all things within reach. Your debts may not be able to ransack closets or devour all the food in your storehouse, but, it is still very capable of doing a lot worse. If you’re not careful, your debts may lead to you declaring bankruptcy.


  • Develop a workable budget that you can live with
  • Pay off your debt in most cases within 5 years
  • Reduce interest rates & stop late and over the limit fees

What does Debt Consolidation mean?

Debt consolidation is simply merging different unsecured debts into one — personal loans, credit cards, payday loans, medical payments, etc. instead of settling each of those debts individually, each month, you lump it all up into one single payment and issue a single check. This way you limit the risk of penalties and fines due to mistakes from wrong computations and late settlements.

Debt Consolidation Loans

With a Debt Consolidation Loan, you get to make one single payment rather than having to pay different lenders. A debt consolidation loan has an interest rate that is fixed and lower than what you would normally pay if they were settled individually, thereby lowering your monthly payments and generally making debt repayment a lot easier. We have different types of DCLs, like home equity loans, personal loans, credit card no interest balance transfers and consolidating student loans.

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Why Debt Consolidation

Well, if you need help with getting out of debt, just know you’re not alone. Although it seems like the economy is gradually picking up, there are still numerous people that are in debt and not everyone can take up a second job or work extra hours or shifts to settle their outstanding debts. It is at this point debt consolidation and other financial options become useful.

Benefits of a debt consolidation loan

Fixed Interest Rate

When you miss just one card payment, interest could be added to your monthly payments and it could damage your credit score. Your interest rate is fixed when you take a debt consolidation loan. You’ll know precisely what payments you’re to make monthly and how many payments you’ll need to make to pay off your loan.

Single Monthly Payment

Do you want to avoid the hassle of paying creditors loan payments every month? Putting all your debts together and making them one loan only will not only reduce your total monthly payments, but will also make it easier for you to plan your finances.

Act now

The decision to take action should be the first step. Pretending that your debts are not there won’t make them disappear; it only makes a bad situation worse. The earlier you come up with a plan to repay, renegotiate, or consolidate your credit card debt the sooner your life will be debt free.



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FAQs on Debt Consolidation

What kind of loans can be consolidated?

All unsecured loans, like credit card loans, student loans or medical bills.
Depending on how much you owe, credit card balance transfers, home equity loans, personal loans and an unsecured debt consolidation loan are usually the best consolidation loans. Your credit score needs to range between good and excellent for credit card balance transfers to happen. Another good way to access personal loans is through One-on-One online lending. Home equity loans are usually secured, which implies that its interest rates are better, however, you stand the risk of losing your home once you default on your payments. An unsecured debt consolidation implies that there are no assets at risk, however this also translate to higher interest rates and possibly a shorter loan tenor.

Do debt consolidation loans affect my credit score negatively?

As long as you keep up with scheduled payments on the loan, they’ll be very good for your credit score. However, it’s most likely that your credit rating is already down since you are opting for a debt consolidation loan with which to settle outstanding debts. Your credit score will get worse if you continue to default on payments.

What types of loans are best for debt consolidation?

Depending on how much you owe, credit card balance transfers, home equity loans, personal loans and an unsecured debt consolidation loan are the best consolidation loans available. You need to have a good-to-excellent credit score in order to access credit card balance transfers. Secured loans like home equity loans come with interest charges that are better, however, there is the risk of your home being repossessed once you miss out on payments.

When is the best time to opt for a debt consolidation loan?

The best time is whenever you are ready to pay a lower monthly installment and interest charges on the consolidation loan than with the regular monthly loan repayments.

Should I go for one?

Choose the option of a debt consolidation loan if the monthly interest charges and installment payments applicable are lower than the usual loan repayment and you have been able to adjust your spending habits. The loan won’t do any magic if you’re still spending carelessly, more so with your credit cards.

How do I go about debt consolidation loan and its repayment?

Firstly, you need to list out all the monthly unsecured bills that you owe. Add them up and figure out how much you think you can afford to pay down on them every month. You should aim to do away with all your outstanding debts within a 3-to-5 year period. Search for a lender and find out what their payment terms, i.e. monthly installments and interest rates looks like and the length of time you will be expected to pay back the loan. Compare both and decide which is better for you.

Is debt consolidation a bad thing?

Debt consolidation could turn out very ugly, especially when you don’t adjust with your spending habits. If you keep spending recklessly with your credit cards or obtain additional loans that you can’t afford, transferring them to your debt consolidation loan does not make it any easier.

Who can apply for a debt consolidation loan?

Once you have a good credit score, you automatically qualify for a debt consolidation loan.

What does debt consolidation refinancing mean?

This simply means you incorporating your other debts when refinancing your home loan. Let’s say you have a credit card debt of $10,000 and a $90,000 outstanding loan on your home, you simply just have to refinance your home for $100,000 and use the remaining balance of $10,000 to pay off your credit card debt once and for all. However, this becomes useful only when you have sufficient equity in your home (i.e. mortgage balance is lower than the market price of the home), this way you get to pay lower monthly installments and interest charges.

What do debt consolidation firms do?

Debt consolidation firms provide you with debt management programs and debt settlement. Banks and credit unions offer debt consolidation loans. Each of these comes with its own merits/demerits depending on the particular situation.

Is debt consolidation an ideal solution for me?

If your unsecured debt (like, personal loans, credit card bills, accounts in collection) are becoming a burden to you and you’re unable to keep paying those high interest charges and fines, you should consider debt consolidation. With debt consolidation, you are able to pay attention to making only one payment every month and most likely at lower interest rates.

Do lenders see debt consolidation as being bad?

Most lenders perceive debt consolidation as a method of paying off debt, just like any other. If you keep paying down on your debts on-time and on schedule, you get to improve your credit score and history and eventually, you become more appealing to lenders.