When it comes to property management and investing, buying, holding or selling are complex decisions. There is no right answer to every situation so whenever you are faced with this dilemma, you should take into consideration a couple of key factors. REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS Before we dive into the details of the pros and cons
So much wealth has been created with property over the last 4 years in Auckland, according to HSBC economists Paul Bloxham house prices across the board have almost doubled (85% increase). That is an insane growth rate and I’m not sure its sustainable, half of this growth is driven by property investors and since the new
Latest news in the finance realm is set to shock property investors to the core. Good Returns reports that the Reserve Bank of New Zealand is forcing banks to tighten up their lending requirements to 60% LVR – that means if you want to buy an investment property you will need to put a deposit
A recent blog post at Xero confirms they now have direct access into Inland Revenues filing system so now Xero’s customers can file their taxes within the Xero app automatically. I’m happy we’re collectively moving in this direction and know once I move onto the Xero platform with Finance District this will another feature that
how to get clients in business
Graham McGregor wrote an interesting piece at The Herald exploring why you need to have a filter when searching for new clients. At first you may need to get anyone and everyone who will give you money but sooner rather than later you’ll want to truly understand your value proposition and hyper-target the clients that can