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Savings is a Mindset to Begin With

Saving is a Mindset

Money is a crucial part of our everyday lives. Though we have seen a rise on financial literacy, there are still challenges for personal wealth management. How do you really balance your current needs (expenses) with your ability to save every month? To tackle saving and the habit of it, we need to understand that […]

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Want to Get out of Debt? Here Are Creative Ways to Earn Cash

Creative Ways to Earn Cash

Getting out of debt is never easy. It takes discipline and time to align your finances. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the process! Here are some creative ways you can earn extra cash. 1. Garage Sale Your house is filled with tiny treasures you probably don’t need or use anymore. You can take […]

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The Wrong Way You’re Doing Savings (A Lesson On Frugality)

We all know that you want to save, but are you doing it right? Holly Johnson, founder of the Thrifty Club, has a nice little story to tell all of us. It’s all about the hard truths of being too frugal. Johnson, being a self-proclaimed frugality expert, was not born with great savings skills. Before, […]

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The Million Dollar Saving Scheme

Millionaire Mindset on Savings

We’ve all been taught that having a million dollars is the benchmark of success. That is why banks and other institutions almost always force us to save. Though there is a big decrease in people saving, there’s still the belief that a million dollars will be everyone’s “saving grace.” According to USA Today, a person […]

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Top 3 Questions You Should Actively Ask Yourself When Saving

There are so many reasons why we save. Some of us have a wedding to go to, some are preparing for their own business goals and others have their own reasons as well. Nonetheless, the reason for your saving is a very important part of the process. According to LearnVest, we need to be able […]

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New Zealand Real Estate Market: Top Towns on The Rise

New Zealand has been affected by the rise and fall of the US dollars this year. However, this doesn’t stop the real estate market from performing. Looking outside popular locations like Auckland, New Zealand actually has a lot more uprising chic locations to watch out for. The other good thing about this is it’s not […]

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Hold or Sell? Know the Best Decision for Your Property Investment

When it comes to property management and investing, buying, holding or selling are complex decisions. There is no right answer to every situation so whenever you are faced with this dilemma, you should take into consideration a couple of key factors. REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS Before we dive into the details of the pros and cons […]

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